2016 Theme Makeover

Watch how easy it is to turn your Twenty-Sixteen WordPress theme into an awesome website.

Fast 2016 Theme Makeover

In under 10 minutes you can make the Twenty-Sixteen WordPress Theme go from:

Twenty-Sixteen WordPress Theme
Twenty-Sixteen WordPress Theme

To this

Twenty-Sixteen WordPress Theme Makeover
Twenty-Sixteen WordPress Theme Makeover

and you won’t lose your design when WordPress updates the theme.

Don’t you hate it when WordPress updates and messes up your website? With this quick fix you won’t have to worry about losing your site design after an update.

If you’ll notice in the picture you’ll see that the

  • Site Title is Centered

  • Site Description Centered

  • Font Colors can be any color you want

  • No underlined links in page or sidebar

  • No lines between the Categories

  • Site background is Blue (can be any color)

  • No loss of design after WP updates

  • How to create a free header like the blue bar (any color)

I give you what you need to do this quickly and show you how to do it in a video.

Simple, Quick, and Easy.

And, it will stay that way even after WordPress updates their theme. You know as well as I do they update there themes on a regular basis.

The Twenty-Sixteen WordPress theme is fast and responsive and it just keeps getting better. That’s why I wanted a way to keep the default 2016 theme but make it my own without losing my site design.

It will be fast once you get the information but it’s been a lot of work for me to make these changes happen. So, don’t think just because you can make your default Twenty-Sixteen WP theme look like the picture above in under 10 minutes that I just snapped my fingers and it happened. Believe me it didn’t. It was a lot of work. And, I had to make videos so you could see how to apply the changes in a snap.

I made this solution super easy for you and you get RESULTS IMMEDIATELY.

I’ll even show you how to create a header like the blue bar across the top with your site description or whatever you want in it.

And, it won’t cost you a penny to make the header image. It will only take about 5 minutes of your time. Look at this site:

NutCrackerTool.com and you will see the nice free header I made.

Get it now for a Low Price of only $9.95!